Wednesday, February 12, 2014

2014 - New year, New me

Hello again. It has been just about a year since I have posted anything. I really needed to regroup and life took me elsewhere. I recently found myself wanting to blog again, and wondering why. I figured that out this morning. It's about connecting with others and also about having a creative outlet. Two very important things to me. When I first started this blog two years ago, I was a new empty nester. While I always miss my kids when they are not here, an energy had shifted and I embraced it. The one constant was knowing I had to re-invent myself and figure out what I really want to do with my time. I  discovered that one thing I was yearning for was to work on myself. Having a healthier lifestyle all around kept coming up for me. Better diet, exercise and spiritual growth. I can honestly say that it feels good and I strongly recommend you stepping out of the box and trying new things. I am still working on finding more meaningful things to do with my time but I feel I am on a good path. Here's to a great new year filled with peace, joy and love.

Photography by Kaelynn Serena

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