Tuesday, April 24, 2012

10 Fashion Staples: Trench Coat

#7 Trench coat. I have never been a trench coat kinda girl until I found this one. It has a very feminine flair in the full, pleated  skirt. It's so Audrey. And yes, I do refer to her a lot. I should re-think this blog and make it totally about Audrey Hepburn. Love her! This is what should be one of your investment pieces and yes, this one was for me. Although it could have been a lot worse. This one is so cute I actually love wearing it. I have tried to find it available for you but I am afraid to no avail. I will give you another link though. So if you do not have a trench coat, ladies, it's time to get one. They come in different colors now which is great. So you could even sport a pink one if you wanted to.

Find my fashion:
Trench Coat: Ted Baker (Bloomingdales) similar
Boots: (old) Nordstrom

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