Wednesday, April 11, 2012

10 Fashion Staples: Comfy Stylish Flats

#2 Comfortable and stylish flats. Need I say more. I think the key word is stylish though. They really should be worn without socks and with slim slacks that are cropped at the ankle or with leggings. I have also worn them with a maxi skirt hemmed at the ankle as well. They come in a million different styles so have fun choosing them. Try adding a pair in the cheetah or leopard print to your collection. Adds a punch to any outfit.

These are my "princess" shoes. Wouldn't you agree?

I love Sam Edelman shoes. They are soft, flexible and so cute. I definitely have a few of them.

These are your classic, soft ballet flats. Shoes by Me Too also have a soft, slipper sort of feel.

Data on The 10 Staples in a Woman's Closet compiled from these sources.

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All shoes from Nordstrom

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