Monday, May 21, 2012

Beauty secrets

I was not taking great care of my face these last few years. Got lazy I guess. So I decided I needed to do something about it. I originally went in to take care of some sun spots (which I did) but also proceeded to burst into tears about my aging skin. I jumped right in with questions about cosmetic surgery and quickly decided that I was not up for that. My doctor did recommend, what she calls facelift in a bottle. She said that while it would not get rid of the deeper lines it would really improve the look of my skin. Let me tell you it did. I started getting compliments about my skin  a month after I started using it. It was more translucent and smoother. Spots faded and pores really shrunk. I really recommend it. I went skipping in there for my follow up appointment. She even took before and after pictures so I could see the difference. And I did. :)

My favorite summer nail color: Atomic Orange 

Trying to stay out of the sun a little more. Great self tanner because it is gradual and moisturizing. A lot of them dry you out. If you are fair like me use the "new"one on the right. Gives a lighter color initially and has the SPF.

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