Monday, September 17, 2012

Last Call For White Pants

The never ending question: Can you wear white pants in September? Yes! It is an old wives tale that you can't. It's really a climate thing. In California they wear them all year round but here they just look out of place in snowy 30 degree weather. So while we do have to hang them up for a few months it is still very warm and sunny in September so go ahead and wear them. Just a couple things to keep in mind as we are transitioning into fall. Wear your denim ones instead of the really light cotton ones. Wear peep toe or closed toe shoes instead of strappy sandals, especially in the evening when it is a lot cooler. Add a cardigan or light jacket. Switch up your top colors to grey, black or brown. Leave your floral summery tops aside now and hang up the white jeans at the end of the month.

with a lightweight jacket

with a lightweight leather jacket

Sam Edelman shoes


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