Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What To Pack For a Trip

What to pack and how to pack for a trip when you are flying can be challenging and frustrating too. I was out with the girls the other night and our girlfriend, Mary Beth, was telling us how she goes about it. She takes a portable coat rack (from the Container Store) and hangs combinations of everything she is going to take. What a great idea. Anyway, I thought I would share with you some other helpful hints to try to take some of the stress and time out of the whole ordeal.
 Stick with neutral colors such as black, khaki and grey (add white or cream in summer). Accessorize with color. That can be done with scarves, wraps, belts, bags or whatever else you like to accessorize with. Do have a neutral wrap for every day though. To avoid over packing bring only two of each staple piece such as two pairs of jeans, slacks and dresses for example. As far as shoes go, take one pair of flats, one pair of heels (for me that would be boots in the cold months) and of course slippers. And to really cover all our bases, always take an extra pair of undies. Another hint: roll your clothes instead of folding. They won't get as wrinkled. 
Bon Voyage!

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