Monday, September 3, 2012

Leather Tee

How do you wear a leather t-shirt? Hmmm, some of you are thinking it may be a little too wild or something that is just not you. C'mon ladies. As you know leather never goes out of style especially in the way of jackets or coats. You can totally make leather look soft and feminine without having that hard edge look to it. This top is very soft buttery faux leather overlay. Here I have softened the look with a white jacket and a pretty necklace which is a gift that came from Paraguay. Wear this with skirts and heels and a cardigan. But I think my favorite look will be with a pair of winter white trousers which I will totally post for you once I find the perfect pair.

Find this look:

Tshirt: Saks
Jacket: Zara

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