Friday, September 7, 2012

The Art of A Dinner Party

I really prefer a dinner party to going out to a restaurant. No kidding. To me, it is so much more enjoyable, comfortable and relaxing. Especially when the hosts have such a flair for it. The meal does not need to be elaborate. Being that I am a very visual person, I love a beautiful table and ambience. If the party is at my house (this one was not) candles are abundant. As a matter of fact, my hubby counts them when they are first lit so that we don't forget to blow them all out at the end of the evening. The fact that someone has invited you to their home and put their personal touches is really special and inviting. It's a wonderful feeling to be able to linger with friends and family out on the porch in the summer or in front of the fireplace in the winter.  You just don't get that at a restaurant.

A statement necklace can "make" an outfit

New fall nail polish color. OPI Romeo and Joliet (yes it is Joliet)

 Avocado Crostinis

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